Hi my name is Aldo Callsen, i’am 59 . I am the president of the Trail des Roches Association.

Today, i need you ! WE need you !

Those who already know me are aware that i do not act randomly. For the others I hope you will discover a little of me!

My goal is to fulfill a childhood dream : to climb the Everest, the roof of the World. But not only! The challenge is a formidable human challenge of solidarity organized by  the Trail des Roches Association. That’s why I invite you to read this presentation.


My whole life is made of sporting challenges! Challenges at my level because without experience, I have crossed the Reunion Island (the diagonal of the fools), i went through the 6000 D in La Plagne (the race of the giants), the Himalayan trek (Tour des Annapurnas), Crossing the Alps on 865 km, Everest Sky Race 1000 km, Everest Tour, Corsican Raid, Mont Blanc Ascension, many trails and ultra trails, Iron Man etc…


There is no vanity in talking abut theses experiences. To make it clear, I do not intend to climb Everest on a whim. That it is a thoughtful mature project and I am fully aware of the risks!

First of all, I would like to commit me to this climb with zero waste left on the spot. I will also pay the Sherpas 1.5 times their normal salary. Furthermore, the aim is to develop a humanitarian project through the Trail des Roches association. The target is to sustainably supply pharmaceutical and eyewear to the living populations at high altitude in Nepal or Tibet. Beyond a 3000 meters altitude, a  slight injury can become dramatic!

I will only climb the Everest once, but these people

will always need these products. This is the legacy I would like to leave.


Here  is basically the schedule of operations and needs:

– Ascension in October 2020. This is the most favorable period.

To surround myself at best, I will reserve the services of experienced Sherpas, whose manager has already reached the Everest more than 15 times.

But although I have already made some trips to Nepal where I had the opportunity to acclimatize to altitudes of over 6000 meters, I also consider

a first trip in the spring of 2020 for a new acclimatization stay.

Obviously, the material is also important, I will detail this aspect later. At the same time, it will be necessary to collect medicines and glasses and togo up there.

Then you have to know that from Kathmandu, there are specialized helicopters

that operate rotations to high altitude villages at a cost of 10,000 USD per flight (8900€).


Because far beyond my childhood’s dream, it is the humanitarian aspect that inspires me. I had the opportunity during my travels to meet people endearing and brave for whom medical assistance is something rare. At high altitude, the slightest injuries can become dramatic and

their living conditions are reduced to a minimum. Ofcourse Himalayan people is acclimated but the mortality rate is important.


Medical assistance is directly related to the weather conditions,

harsh environnement of the high mountains and of course financial capability.


It is therefore necessary to be able to install stocks of medicines and

glasses to supply hese famillies  for free.


As I said, my life has always been marked by sporting challenges.Through the Trail des Roches Association, I would like to build a red thread between our country and the peoples of high mountain,a humanitarian bridge that will live on.


We will therefore launch a campaign to collect medicines and glasses, first in the area of Saint Die des Vosges, then, I hope, throughout France, Europe, and far beyond, thanks to volunteers who will propose their application.


To start the collect, we already have a partnership with the Pharmacy des Jumeaux in in Saint Michel sur Meurthe and Optician PHILIPPE DEILLER in Saint Die des Vosges (88100).


We count on you for your donations but also to multiply these collection points across France.


The Association Le Trail des Roches also appeals all volunteers to help collect funds that will be used to build the project.


An online kitty will be set up for individuals, and a dedicated internet site will collect corporate sponsorship funds.There is no minimum of donations! Each euro is welcome!


However, for professionals, each donation of a minimum of 1000 €,

will trigger a community managing action from our agency of web-communication which will contact you in order to be put forward the operation. Thus, you will benefit directly from the complete coverage of this adventure.

The Association also calls on institutions and communities!

Throughout the project building, you will be regularly informed through our social media accounts, website and blog.

Each publication to come will provide more details! Be sure to subscribe and / or follow or like our pages to get everything!

See you soon.